Tournament Guideline



1. All tournament donations acquired must be informed to TMHA tournament chair person and TMHA treasurer

2. Only a percentage of donation money brought in will be eligible to spend on your teams tournament (percentage to be determined by TMHA executive members at start of year)

3. All teams must try and acquire donations for their tournament. If unable to get donations or refusal to get donations for their tournament then TMHA executive members will vote on amount of money said team will be given to help put on their tournament.

4. TMHA tournament chair person will keep track of all donations 

5. TMHA Treasurer will keep track of tournament cost, what company donations came from, what team acquired donations,m how much each team spends, and works with team directors on where they are on costs availability left. 

6. TMHA tournament chair person will get prices on medals or trophies for all teams in every division(TMHA executive members will vote on what to get and what is put on medals)(directors need to inform tournament chair person if there are sponsorship stickers that are to be put on back)

7. TMHA tournament chair person will be in charge of all food donations for all teams in every division. (tournament chair person will work with team directors with food donations

8. TMHA Team directors will work with TMHA tournament chair person on putting together their teams tournament and tournament chair person with all team directors 

9. Any extra cost for tournaments that goes past the percentage voted on by TMHA executive will need approval by the TMHA executive members(if a team goes over the percentage without TMHA executive approval then a fine or a decrease in percentage for next season will occur) 

10. Teams that make a profit on their home tournaments mat seek the use of money for a year end party or other team purchases for their team, this will require TMHA executive approval

11. It is recommended that TMHA tournament chair person and team directors have at least 1 but preferably 2 meetings a month to make sure everything is going smoothly and everyone is on the same page

12. Team directors may have a parent off their team to run their teams tournament but the parent must follow the TMHA tournament guideline policy





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